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 Runk Douglas Antiques was started in 1999 by JoAnn Runk and Nicola Douglas. with the objective of bringing affordable quality antiques and fine art to clients unfamilar with traditional antique-store merchandising. Many people are reluctant to furnish their homes with antiques, primarily because of lack of knowledge, itntimidation and sheer lack of time to shop and locate the perfect item.

Nicola Douglas, originally from Bristol, England, and JoAnn Runk, a Connecticut resident, bring a fresh approach to the above problem. "We are ready to find the antique piece that is perfect for you whether it be an oil painting, a longcase clock with a face as beautiful as a work of art, or a chest of drawers to put in your living room...we have sold and shipped merchandise to customers as far away as Australia."
Runk Douglas Antiques is also home to David Brooker FIne Art, formerly of Woodbury, CT. David specializes in English and European paintings from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

 Runk Douglas is also the place to go for all your special needs.

We can help you with:

Art Restoration:
Canvas relining
Flaking paint secured
Rips and tears repaired
Frames repaired and regilded
Furniture Repair:
Joint reinforcement
Veneer repair
Replacement brasses
Waxing & polishing Refinishing
Evaluation (for sale, event, etc)
Placement of owner's furnishings
Household Transition:
Evaluation (second home, closing household)
Develop downsizing plan
Help in implementing plan
Disposal of furnishings
Stylist: Sari Weatherwax


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